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All our handbags are 100% Made in Italy, specifically in the Tuscany region, one of the most renowned centres for leather handicraft and bags production in the entire world. We personally work with artisans there who craft our handbags with their own hands. Bidini’s creative director travel constantly to Italy  to give life to our design with beautifully handmade handbags and purses and bring to Australia an authentic touch of Made in Italy leather accessories that you can shop with confidence

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Our leather handbags and small leather goods exude a unique sense of elegance, class, and sophistication being an ideal gift for both men and women if you want to impress anyone with a world class perfect bag.

Among Bidinis design range, you will find bags perfect for offices such as our Simone briefcase in crocodile print leather (coming in three colours: black, pink and green) and for shopping purposes such as our Frida tote that folds in making two bags in one! In fact, you can quickly put valuable items (such as laptop, tablets, phones) along with makeup accessories into this kind of leather handbags yet look stylish as you are carrying on an authentic leather handbag Made in Italy, more specifically in Florence, by life-long experienced artisans.

The durability yet elegance of Bidinis’ bags can be seen not only by the quality of the leather, hardware, lining, and details such as bottom studs but also from the stitching, finishing, and the hand-cut of the leather to create special effects on the item like on our fabulous Susana bucket bag.

Practicality is another fundamental element of our leather goods sold online in Australia,  as we aim to create products that people wear on their real life on a daily basis. Therefore, Bidinis offers different styles and shapes that are appropriate for different occasions and purposes. In fact, a straightforward and spacious tote leather bag, such as our beautiful Oriana in blush or black colour, would be ideal for a busy woman who does not always have time to change her bag yet keep her belongings in one place.

For a more fashionable lady, a stylish and small hand purse would be the best. You want then to look at our exquisite mini clutch/cross-body Thelma in red or black colour, or at our Gilda clutch/crossbody in velvety touch leather coming in blush and black and also in two unique snake prints, pink and beige colour.

Depending on the choice and personality of the person, the bags can be chosen, and there is no doubt every woman wants to be admired for her sense of style and fashion indeed. If she carries an exclusive and unique leather handbag made by artisans in a country, Italy, where the leather has been mastered for centuries hence renowned all over the world, then she will surely feel great!

Nowadays, fashion and appearances matter a lot, therefore, it is vital to carry fashionable and high-quality accessories including bags, regardless of where you go. People notice the handbags, purses, and wallets you wear while you are traveling, visiting your friends’ place, attending a party or shopping with no arguing in that. So good quality genuine leather handbags and purses give you that perfect look which helps you to leave a long lasting awesome impression on the people around you.

It depends on upon the choice and the need of the user what kind of bag she prefers indeed. Bidinis authentic leather handbags and small leather goods are available in various shapes, sizes, and colours. Regarding colour, you can find “safe colours” to shop online such as black, navy blue, and tan or some neutral colours as blush and grey, but also some brighter and bold colours as red, electric blue, and orange.

Regarding shape instead, Bidinis tote leather bags and satchels are a great investment when carrying around all your possessions, like tablets, phones, wallets, glasses, keys, lunch, water bottle, and the list goes on. Practicality and durability are crucial, especially for women,  for coping with the day-to-day hammering your carrying device entails, and you can be sure our company combines craftsmanship with style and innovation.

We are proud to say one of the biggest advantages of our range of leather goods is that they offer great style along with utility, in fact, Bidinis bags not only can be used for carrying various essential items while you are shopping but they also are long lasting and durable.

A good leather handbag would never make you look out of fashion or out of date, no matter what kind of outfit you are wearing. If you want to have the everlasting piece of sophistication and beauty, then have a fashionable leather handbag Made in Italy by Bidinis as this would certainly be a high-end item in your fashion accessories collection!

Bidinis handbags are compact icons of style and excellent for many reasons, in fact not only do they carry your daily essentials, but they also pull together your look and easily upgrade your wardrobe during your life events.

Our bags won’t kill your shoulders, fit you well, and have that happy marriage between great look and functionality.

Meeting Caterina Bidini:

Bidinis’ founder Creative Director and designer, Caterina Bidini, has a degree in international law however found herself fully immersed in fashion and creative projects even before finishing her studies.

In fact she was keen to stimulate her imagination, discovering leather techniques, researching materials, and being part of the fashion industry, having in mind to create, one day, her own bespoke line of sophisticated yet practical leatherbags and accessories.

Caterina loves to create practical and yet fashionable handbags or clutches  that women can have on their shoulder day and night being elegant and yet prepared to the every day life.

If you are looking for a new leather bag, you have found the right place here! Our variety provides timelessly beautiful designs, trendy colours and very spacious styles for fashionable individuals.

The fine leather totes, as Frida for instance, of Bidinis collection are characterized by the special processing they undergo and will always be the perfect companion for you. In fact, this spacious leather bag can be worn in two different fashion: folded-in having a particular tringle shape or it can be zipped up at the top turning into a perfect tote where you can arrange all your important belongings and also store the new items you have acquired while shopping.

Bidnis handbags made of the finest materials are a good option for every day and make your outfit perfect. Take a look at our wide variety of leather bags and wallets with excellent designs and make your choice! Enjoy your new favourite shopping bag with its fantastic look!

Your handbags should be a thing of beauty and a source of joy for you. Invest in quality products invest in Bidinis leather handbags and small leather goods entirely Made in Italy!

Thank you!




“I’m loving my bag of yours everyday wearing it during many different occasions! Keep on creating!”

Penelope Lee – Singapore- (She purchased two Greta tote bags)

“Functionality and simplicity were two essential characteristic that I wanted from my handbags and you met them both! Thank you”

Emily Tsai Raynolds – Sydney – (She purchased one Oriana in black and one Gilda in blush colour)

“Thanks for the satchel, it suits mum well and she thinks is beautifully made!”

Shuwei –Melbourne (She purchased one satchel in black grained leather for her mum)


We sell our handbags online, but you can come and visit our stall @ PADDINGTON MARKETS every SATURDAY from 10am till 4pm. You cannot miss us as we are right in front of the Church from Oxford St side.

And happy Shopping!!

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