What Does Your Wallet Say About You? Bidinis Has The Answer

What does your wallet say about you

What’s in a wallet? Quite a lot, actually! I mean apart from the very obvious cash, coins, credit/ debit cards, receipts, a photo or two, ID and driving license etc. If it’s a female wallet, add a small mirror, comb, lipstick and cell phone also to the list. Every man carries a wallet and so do most women.

The sizes of men’s wallets are not very standardized as American wallets are usually a bit smaller than European ones, still most are around 4.5”x 3.5” or nearabouts when folded. On the other hand, women’s wallets can range from 7”x4” to 9”x6”. Men’s wallets are usually bi-fold or tri-fold and are meant to be carried in the hip pocket of trousers or the breast pocket of their jacket. Women usually place theirs in the handbag. Some ladies give up the handbag and simply carry a larger-than-regular wallet that’s often referred to as wallet purse with a strap to carry it conveniently. Nowadays these wallet purses for women are becoming more and more popular as you can also fit a 7” tab into it along with other essentials. Either way, wallets are omnipresent and dead giveaways of their owners’ personality and financial habits.

Your wallet is your introduction

Picture this scenario:

You are following a lead and meeting a prospective customer who has the potential to become a big client if all goes well. After small talk, you take out a tattered and overstuffed denim wallet to literally fish out your business card to hand over to him.

Have you created a reasonably good first impression? Is the prospect likely to become your customer?

Not likely, you will agree. Yes, your wallet is far more than a pocket friendly container for your essentials. Like the state of your nails and shoes, your wallet says much about its owner. Here is how it goes:

  • How does your wallet look from outside?
  • What are the contents of your wallet?

The outer appearance of your wallet

  • A flashy logo on the outside says you are as yet immature and need to grow up some more. 😉
  • A pure leather wallet says you have class and appreciate quality and refinement.
  • A synthetic leather wallet puts you firmly in the ‘wannabe/I don’t care’ section.
  • A high quality but scruffy wallet says you give a damn about proving yourself to others. On the flip side, it also says that you need to treat your money with more respect.
  • A scruffy wallet says you are careless about your appearance and not too careful about your money.
  • A bi-fold wallet says you like being comfortable.
  • A tri-fold wallet says you like carrying your baggage.
  • A bursting-at-seams and overstuffed wallet says you are a hoarder who needs to lighten up.
  • Your wallet is rags and tatters and you still can’t give it up (not because you can’t affordto, but because you don’t want to). Well, there is some major issue in your life that you are afraid to acknowledge.

The contents of your wallet

  • You don’t know how much cash is in there as your generously proportioned wallet is full of so many outdated receipts, stubs of papers, crumpled notes.
    You are an escapist from your financial responsibilities. To give a poetic turn of phrase, when it comes to money you are like an ostrich with its head in sand. On the other hand, you rely on intuition and can succumb to sob stories.
  • You know exactly how much money is in your wallet down to the last cent and dime. A careful planner and resource allocator for sure.
  • All your cashnotes are carefully segregated, kept in the order of denomination. You always have a plan B. You are balanced and careful, at times too balanced, too careful. Loosen up a bit and enjoy life before it slips through your fingers.
  • A lot of cards show you are fond of spending but not toting up the outgo.
  • Too many receipts say that you would like to know where you are headed but don’t have the heart or the stamina to start.
  • Cash and coins stashed together imply social nature and lack of planning.
  • A secret pocket with a large denomination cash note says you are a loner and hate to be indebted to anyone.
  • An organizer in your wallet says you are a careful planner and equally careful spender as well. To be fair, this applies only to women as men’s wallets are not big enough for accommodating organizers.
  • Too many credit cards but no debit card, you live for today and believe in letting the tomorrow take care of itself as and when it comes.

How does your wallet reveal who you are

You need not be a Sherlock Holmes to crack the wallet code. Think of your personality as a puzzle with a set of revealing clues. Psychologists will tell you that the key indicators to a person’s personality and behaviour are hidden in their private zones, the small and seemingly innocuous aspects of their life. A wallet is a very personal item, a private space for a person and hence it carries much information. So take a good hard and long look at your wallet and see if the proverbial shoe (or wallet) fits!