Imperfection Is The New Perfection

It has become next to impossible to pick up a magazine or watch a movie without seeing movie stars, reality show stars, supermodels and a host of other celebrities parading around with their oh-so-perfect bodies and beautiful clothes. How many times have you thought to yourself, “I want to look like that!” If you are anything like the average person, every single time would be the answer.

People are doing everything they possibly can to emulate these public figures, leaving no stone unturned in the quest to perfection. Botox and bariatric surgery have gone from “So-and-so has got this done!” to “Haven’t you tried it yet?” It’s become commonplace to go under the knife to measure up to society’s pre-conceived notions of beauty. An alarming number of teenagers battle bulimia and anorexia trying to remain thin. It’s high time we woke up to the dangers of trying to fit in and created an identity for ourselves.

What you wear is what you are!

Here’s where our dress sense comes into play. And this is not just the red carpet we’re talking about. Everyday life: going to work or simply stepping out to run errands are all occasions when you need to look your best. It is common fact that when you look good, you feel good. Dressing well imbibes you with a sense of confidence that projects outward and gives you the poise that’s so often elusive.

A lot of people equate being well turned-out with an expensive wardrobe. But nothing could be further from the truth. It is easy to look good without shelling out a fortune on branded designer wear. You just need a wee bit of knowledge of what suits you and your body. Once you know what to wear, it won’t matter whether your body is ‘perfect’ or not.

Are trends all that important?

Following trends blindly is never smart because people are not the same nor do they look alike. It makes more sense to make trends work for you and find a style of your own. Individuality is something that’s highly precious and makes you stand out in a crowd. Wearing an outfit that’s straight off the catwalk or because everybody else is, only serves to make you uncomfortable. The best way to feel you’re in vogue would be to pick one or two fashion essentials that look good on you and design your look around it.

The role of accessories

In a world where body image issues are becoming more and more common, holding your own is not easy. All of us are different and we don’t have much control over what we are. The first step in getting over this is embracing and celebrating who you are because aspiring to be someone you aren’t is not healthy. Fashion can play a huge role in self-expression and self-empowerment. The thing to do is let clothes showcase your personality without letting it define you.

Accessories are often ignored when it comes to dressing up, which is a shame because they can give you an edge and take a staple piece of clothing from boring to happening. Even a simple jeans-and-white shirt outfit is spiced up when you pair it with leather accessories like a smart jacket. Or maybe a leather handbag that’s made in Italy, which transforms your whole look and makes it classy.

Men are also not to be left behind when it comes to looking good. Accessories for men are equally important and could be anything from a leather wallet to an awesome watch.

The best part about using accessories is that they can be used by anybody without worrying whether they fit. Make sure you have a good collection of Made in Italy handbags and accessories and give your wardrobe that instant pick-up. Just use one of your statement pieces and say goodbye to ever feeling less than perfect!