5 Fashion Handbags You Can Wear To The Office

Everyone wants to look their best at work. You pick out your most professional outfit, hair looks nice, perfect shoes to match, and then the dreaded question. What handbag goes with this? A purse for every day and one for the office could be two different handbags or just one. There’s a vast world of fashion handbags. It’s best to remember to keep it simple and stick to a basic color scheme. Here are some helpful tips that can help you out.

We’ll start with the tote bag.

The large handle and bulkiness of the bag make it easy to carry almost anything in with you. If you remember back, Marry Poppins even pulled a floor lamp out of hers. It’s great for bringing back documents you might have had at home the night before or bringing your favorite lunch in a large container. Totes come in several textures and colors, patterns, and are made by almost every brand. Stay away from crazy colors if you want it to go with more than one outfit. A sleek leather look in black, brown, khaki, or white is an easy way to allow your bag to be interchangeable with several different outfits. If you’re going for a more eloquent look, the tote is a bit big, bulk, and overpowering. Let’s keep moving down the list.

A top handle bag is great for transporting a bit more also..

but gives you a somewhat smaller look. The bag itself is usually rectangular and can hold a lot of items mentioned above, but allows you carry it by the handle or daintily across the forearm. This makes your outfit look a bit more put together than the tote, while keeping the same general idea of functionality. Top handle bags come in a variety of colors and textures also, and some are a bit larger or smaller than others. Depending on your style, a sleek leather finish, especially an Italian leather top handle bag will hold up quite nicely for transporting belongings and finishing off your look for the office. For added quality, take a look at leather handbags made in Italy. The quality leather and sleek design are a great way to look your best and invest your money the wisest. Top handle bags in Italian leather are a great way to make a great impression at any office or professional workplace.

A city bag can also add a lot to a professional wardrobe

A city bag can be worn in the traditional shoulder position, forearm carry, or cross-body. Keep in mind that a cross-body bag can portray a more relaxed and casual vibe. The shoulder position of the city bag is a bit more sophisticated and professional looking. The bag also comes in a variety of colors and textures, most commonly in leather varieties. City bags are a great way to add to an outfit without taking away from the professionalism. If you choose a pop of color for your bag, be sure it is a color that can go with several outfits. You can get a bit fancier with this bag and it won’t take away from your ensemble because the size is smaller than the larger bags mentioned above. Have fun with this one if this is what you choose.

Shoulder bags are a great way to carry all you need to the office if you don’t always have a free hand.

This is probably the most common and versatile handbag there is. The varieties offered in this particular style are basically endless. Italian leather, faux leather, patterned, textured, branded, printed- the list goes on and on. When dressing for the office, a more muted color palate is more ideal. A flashy shoulder bag can give the impression that you just grabbed a bag and went out the door. A studded leather or a leather bow added to the front can be all the statement you need. Remember, the more simple the outside of the bag, the more outfits you can accompany. Several high end designers make a leather style with beautiful hardware that can fit with any style. While the shoulder bag might seem like it has all the answers, just remember that if you are carrying a lot of items with you to the office, the smaller size could be a problem. You may still need to add a briefcase if you are transporting your work with you.

Last, but not least, is the messenger bag. 

The messenger bag has a range of functionality. Its large size makes it ideal for carrying work with you, it can be worn cross-body or shoulder to keep your hands free, and it comes in mostly neutral colors making it an easy add-on to any wardrobe. The messenger bag is slightly bulky; however, the bag combines a briefcase and a purse making it perfect for the office place. Most styles come with inner organization pockets, making your daily life much easier.

When you decide on the right style for you, you can start researching the different companies and textures. The office is a place where you want to look and feel your best and sometimes you need more than just your every day brand purses. You need style with functionality. Just remember: if you carry your work to and from the office with you, a bigger bag is probably necessary. If you want quality, Italian leather is where you should start looking. If you’re just in it for the fashion, look at a smaller bag to get the job done. With this information, you’re sure to dress for success!


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